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We help the world's leading carriers simplify network complexity and improve the customer experience
Our systems manage 30% of the world's calls
Our solutions are installed in more than 200 carrier networks, in over 40 countries

Tektronix Communications has evolved out of its heritage as the global leader in telecoms assurance and monitoring, into the world’s first full service, end-to-end Telecoms Intelligence Provider.  As a Telecoms Intelligence Provider, we offer a complete 4 dimensional view of your network, with solutions designed to give you deep insight into your Subscribers, the Services and applications they consume, the Technologies they use and Network environments they exist in.

And in this, we are unique.

Our big data solutions, deep analytical insights and actionable intelligence work together with traditional assurance and monitoring solutions to give network operators the ability to ensure optimal network performance, first class quality of service & excellent customer experience, while forging deeper customer relationships, identifying new commercial opportunities and driving network efficiencies.

In short, we help our customers find the data necessary to deliver reliable and relevant services to happy subscribers.

We invite you to download our whitepaper to gain a deeper understanding of how Tektronix Communications, a Telecoms Intelligence Provider, can help you with your business.

Latest news

Tektronix Communications Expands GeoProbe® Family Apr 08, 2015 GeoProbe® platform evolves with addition of GeoSoft ™ and GeoBlade ™, providing next-generation flexibility of probing infrastructure and optimized CAPEX and OPEX deployment Read more about Tektronix Communications Expands GeoProbe® Family

TrueCall® Expands Support for VoLTE Feb 25, 2015 Tektronix Communications has launched its latest release of TrueCall®, developed by its wholly owned company Newfield Wireless, with enhancements to include VoLTE and single radio-voice call continuity (SRVCC) troubleshooting and optimization capabilities. Read more about TrueCall® Expands Support for VoLTE

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Tektronix Communications is part of the Danaher Group, where we operate with a culture of integrity and compliance.