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Active Assurance

Because active testing builds loyal customers and loyal customers provide a continuous return on investment

Active Assurance solutions provide end-to-end service level testing spanning test call generation to Quality of Service (QoS) troubleshooting.  Test all the way to your customer's end device.

Who uses it
  • Operations Teams
  • Field Technicians
Why it's used
  • End-to-End Call Quality
  • Voice Troubleshooting
  • Call Path Validation
  • New Service Introduction
  • Change Management

Clear Results

Direct Quality and the PowerProbe family provide results with simple standardized Pass/Fail criteria, along with advanced drill-through for troubleshooting.  This active test solution has multiple metrics to locate faults in the core network or in the customer premises.


The PowerProbe is portable, line powered, light weight, and compact for field use.


Tektronix PocketDQ™and SMSDQ™ allow active testing with a mobile phone or Web-enabled PDA.


Technicians enabled with the Active Assurance solution can conduct 60 measurements in less than a minute across multiple technologies.

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