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Reliable data is foundational to your business success

The Tektronix GeoProbe family of G10, SpIprobe, and GeoSoft RAN platforms provide comprehensive network monitoring and data collection across legacy and next-generation technologies.

Who uses it
  • Fixed network operators
  • Mobile network operators
  • Next-Gen network operators
Why it's used
  • Reliable 24x7 high capacity network monitoring
  • Data collection and warehousing

Data is key to decision making

As consumer demands for  mobility and data services relentlessly drive the market, service provides desire, or perhaps need, to monetize these services.  Data quality and availability is essential to the success equation. 

Tektronix geoprobe, geoprobe, geoprobe G10,  spiprobe and g10 market

The Tektronix Communications GeoProbe family offers the best value per square inch for probing technologies on the market.  This enables you with reliable data collection so that you can make informed decisions on your future.

Scalable, flexible architecture

GeoProbe can scale with lower footprint requirements.  Operators can add more processing as their needs grow. Its carrier-grade, architecture allows for efficient operations and maintenance.

Vendor independence

Carriers can use the GeoProbe system to gain an independent view regardless of which vendor’s equipment is deployed in their network.  All applications are based on data captured directly from the network, as opposed to information provided in vendor-specific formats.

Multi-technology and Multi-service

Tekcomms is the market leader in probing technology for fixed and mobile carriers.  The Geoprobe platform spans technologies and services to give you the end to end view of your network that you need.  The data collected by our probing architecture will allow you to see your customers like you have never seen them before, shedding great insight on their behavior and the quality of their interaction with your network.

Tektronix Geoprobe, Geoprobe, Geoprobe G10, Spiprobe, and Geosoft foundation

The GeoProbe SpIprobe platform supports SS7 legacy infrastructure, 2G, 2.5G, 3G, 4G, and FMC networks and is optimized to support high bandwidth 3G mobile data, next-generation 4G networks, and converged multimedia networks (VoIP/IMS).

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