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Automated Mobile Messaging

Sophisticated event-processing platform that delivers automated workflows for correcting problems and communicating with subscribers during critical moments.

Who uses it
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Customer Care
Why it's used
  • Send automated mobile marketing campaign offers to target subscribers in certain locations via opt-in SMS campaigns.
  • Automatically determine subscriber failures for mis-configured phones and reprogram them.
  • Send new offers to subscribers extending their plan to include more services which they can subscribe to on the fly.
  • Stay in touch with subscribers through SMS communication for subscribers who may be in danger or disaster areas.
  • Keep roamers aware of their usage to avoid bill shock.

Launch targeted mobile marketing campaigns

ProAction can raise marketing campaign success rate from 1.5% to over 40% by targeting the right subscribers in the right locations, at the right time.  Carriers are able to build revenue-sharing contracts with retailers by hosting the SMS mobile marketing campaigns and making them more targeted, which in turn makes them more successful.  One campaign for an EU carrier is returning over $1.5M in revenue.

Support self-resolution

Save over $1M per year in call resolution costs by allowing subscribers to solve issues themselves.  Customers prefer and will fix problems for themselves with the right information.  “Only 28 percent would rather work their issues live, on the phone, with a representative” - Forrester Research” With smartphone traffic on wireless networks expected to increase 700 percent over the next five years, “Customers will look to this channel as the primary communications portal for services and communication” - “Morgan Stanley”

Address data access issues in real time

Subscribers who are not able to use the data network are not spending money subscribed to high revenue services. By analyzing subscriber data access failures and triggering actions, ProAction is able to automate customer experience management by reaching subscribers, offering upgrades to new data plans, or correcting mis-provisioned errors.  Operators can recover an extra $5M in revenue per month by addressing data access issues over the air (OTA) in real time. 

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