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Media Assurance

See it, hear it, read it – Your subscribers expect high quality media

Our Media Assurance solutions look deep into your media service offerings so that you can provide your customers with the highest possible quality of experience. 

It’s all about the experience

With users expecting high quality “always-on” media services, operators need voice assurance and video assurance tools to meet these demands.  Customers don’t care if they use proprietary or Over the Top applications. They simply want to select a contact, connect, and communicate. They might tolerate an occasional issue, but continued poor experience will drive them to evaluate other service options. 

Fix media issues before your customer base is impacted

Is it the user, the device, or the network? See how our Media Assurance tools help you pinpoint the root cause of media-related problems.

Jitter Measurement and Analysis
Provide High Quality Voice - Minimize Churn

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