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Device Management - make your device launch a success

A customer's first experience with a new device on your network is the most critical moment in a successful launch. Network and device management solutions help you better prepare your network for a successful launch.

10%-25% of customers return smart-phones if they experience support delays, even if there is nothing wrong with the device. 60% of these are no-fault returns.

The Challenge of Device Management

Offering the latest new devices, such as the iPhone5S, is a must for a carrier.  However, supporting and being ready for new device launches requires preparation.  How carriers prepare for a new device launch can be the difference between great success or increased churn. Carriers must address:

  1. Device behavior’s impact on the signaling network
  2. Subscriber behavior and bandwidth requirements
  3. New applications (eg. FaceTime or Maps) and their impact on the network
  4. The overall impact from introducing thousands of the devices

Testing in a lab environment can uncover and expose issues.  However, reality dictates that the production network is going to expose more issues than the lab environment. Testing with a limited number of devices in the lab is nothing close to the impact of thousands of subscribers hitting your network on launch day.  No amount of network testing prior to launch will be able to replicate the network impact of a device such as iPhone5S. However, with the correct network tools, and soft launches, carriers can put in place plans for success.


Tektronix Communications' device management solutions prepare carriers for the challenges of new device launches. 

Our solutions monitor soft launch subscriber behavior and performance to detect performance problems which may surface before launch.

Device management solutions track device integration from testing to launch. Device manufacturers and network equipment manufacturers don’t always follow telecommunications specifications which lead to failures which are hard to recreate and troubleshoot.  Often the burden of proof falls to the carrier to push a working solution between two vendors. Tektronix Communications provides solutions which identify the points of failure and capture the proof needed to start vendor troubleshooting.

Our deep packet solutions provide the ability to track new application behavior, so carriers can determine the impact of signaling and media on the network.  This gives carriers the ability to plan network expansions for areas and regions which may see congestion issues at launch.


When you employ Tektronix Communications device management solutions, you can be confident that new device launches will allow you to create a successful first impression reflecting the quality you expect in your brand.  Protect your most valuable assets (your customers), and employ best practices to ensure that future new device launches are executed with success.

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