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Ensuring an optimal experience for outbound roamers

Your brand is the focal point for your subscribers. If they experience poor service abroad, they will most likely blame you, not the local carrier. Ensure that your customers are steered toward service that offers the best chance for success.


You want to pick the best possible roaming partners so that your subscribers receive a high quality service when they travel. You also need to meet volume agreements with partners by steering the appropriate amount of traffic in their direction. Getting the model right is a balancing act. Selecting a single roaming partner within a country creates a single point of failure, which could be costly. Flawed provisioning or steering platform issues may result in incremental costs and penalties ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. On top of this, there’s the damage to your brand.


Tektronix Communications’ Roaming Solutions are helping carriers across the globe to meet this challenge head-on. Our solutions help carriers by monitoring, classifying, and reporting on the traffic sent to each PLMN. Reports help to verify the configuration and performance of steering platforms and make sure traffic volumes agreed with partners are met and discounted rates are leveraged. Carriers have the data they need to to ensure that subscribers are receiving service and that steering platforms are properly honoring the terms of partner agreements.


Using our solution, customers are protecting and growing revenues from outbound roamers.

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