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Increasing trouble ticket resolution by 10%

With a fixed number of engineering staff to solve tickets, what efficiencies could you gain if each engineer solved one more ticket per day?

More trouble tickets. Same staff

Wireless carriers have the challenge of supporting an increasing subscriber base with a fixed amount of engineering staff. Our customer, a wireless carrier, wanted to increase LTE trouble ticket productivity for their tier 2 operations. Reducing mean time to resolution (MTTR) would help them exceed their productivity targets and improve their customers’ experience.

The operations team was facing a growing backlog of trouble tickets, poor first time resolution, and frustrated customers. With six different troubleshooting tools, ticket resolution was too cumbersome.

They had a choice. Find a solution that would simplify and speed up ticket resolution, or add more staff.

The Tektronix Communications solution helped engineers resolve trouble tickets faster and more efficiently

One solution, faster resolution

Our customer implemented Tektronix Communications’ session analysis solution to help their engineers resolve trouble tickets faster and more efficiently.

The solution makes it easy for the team to see what is actually happening on the network in real time, while also allowing for quick searches through historical data as needed.

Engineers can view correlated data from all network interfaces and protocols on one screen, with errors and points of failure clearly highlighted.  The solution allows engineers to trace literally every subscriber activity for the previous 7 days, which makes it easier to identify the root cause of an issue.

With an interface that minimizes the amount of mouse clicks required to solve trouble tickets, the system offers immediate productivity gains.  And because the controls are intuitive, there is a short learning curve.


A 10 percent increase

After implementing the Tektronix Communications solution for two months, the carrier experienced outstanding results. 

In total, the carrier’s trouble ticket resolution increased 10 percent.  The cost per ticket was reduced by 7 percent. The faster resolution of trouble tickets led to a better support experience for the customers. The new session analysis solution is now an integral part of their tier 2 LTE troubleshooting procedures.

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