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IMS Test and EPC Test with Spectra2 XL3

<p>IMS Test / EPC Test</p>
<p>How can you ensure that your LTE EPC and/or IMS core network will perform under the continuously growing customer demand for applications and media?&nbsp; The answer comes in the form of preparation.&nbsp;</p>

Carrier Wi-Fi Offload Monitoring

<p>Deploying a Carrier Wi-Fi Offload solution can be a &quot;Win/Win&quot; for operators and subscribers.&nbsp; But nobody wins if subscribers don&#39;t have a quality experience.</p>

We fixed a 21.8% mobile dropped call rate

<p><span>Facing a 40% churn rate for a group of subscribers, one operator turned to Tektronix Communications to solve their $2.6m call drop issue.</span></p>

Ensuring an optimal experience for outbound roamers

<p>Your brand is the focal point for your subscribers. If they experience poor service abroad, they will most likely blame you, not the local carrier. Ensure that your customers are steered toward service that offers the best chance for success.</p>

Network Change Control - Preventing a Network Outage

<p>After experiencing a 12 hour network outage that made the evening news, one carrier learned how Tektronix Communications&rsquo; solutions can identify the root cause of a problem before it escalates into a major outage.</p>

Provide High Quality Voice - Minimize Churn

<p>Poor voice quality will not be tolerated by your customers &ndash; identify and attack problems before they become epidemic.</p>

Testing Policy and Charging Functions PCRF PCEF

<p>Spectra2 gives you peace of mind by validating the protocol conformance, functionality, and capacity of your Policy Control and Charging functions in your core network.</p>

Solving a Network Capacity Issue

<p>Facing a network capacity issue, an operator turns to Tektronix Communications to avoid unnecessary CAPEX spending</p>

Diameter Signaling Network Health

<p>A Diameter signaling outage can lead to millions of dollars in lost revenue and high volume of dissatisfied customers.&nbsp; Protect your Diameter Signaling Network.</p>

Inbound Roaming - Preparing for Major Events

<p>When a big event occurs in your territory, you need to be ready for an increase in inbound roaming traffic. We help operators evaluate their existing roaming partnerships and identify new opportunities to increase roaming revenue.</p>