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We fixed a 21.8% mobile dropped call rate

Facing a 40% churn rate for a group of subscribers, one operator turned to Tektronix Communications to solve their $2.6m call drop issue.

The high dropped call rate that went undetected for 7 months while using another vendor's tool was isolated and fixed quickly using Trend Navigate.

The $2.6 million challenge

Research shows that call drops, even at a 2% rate, can lead to customer dissatisfaction and churn. When dropped call rates reach a level of 20% or more, there’s the risk of long term reputational damage. This was the challenge facing our customer, a mobile service provider experiencing failures of 21.8% for a data card they introduced into their network.

Users of the card regularly experienced timeouts when visiting websites and accessing email. Because network performance indicators were unable to detect the call drops, the issue went undetected for 7 months. Customer complaints escalated. Over that period, the churn rate for users of the data card reached 40%, costing the provider $2.6m.

Isolating the problem

Working with Tektronix Communications, engineers used the Trend Navigate solution to isolate connection drops to the specific USB data card manufacturer.  Optimization reports determined that these particular data cards were not accepting the radio resources the network provided. With this information, the operator turned to the card manufacturer. The manufacturer determined that a bad data chipset was causing the high dropped call rate, utimately costing the carrier $2.6M.

"Based on the data collected, Tektronix Communication's Trend Navigate helped us find the root cause of our 21.8% dropped call rate in minutes."

Rapid results

Trend Navigate's handset benchmark report and root cause analysis provides the industry’s most powerful application for solving call drop issues. Trend Navigate allowed our customer to isolate and resolve the issue immediately and begin the process of replacing the remaining customers’ data cards.

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